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The evolution of brands


Brands over the past few centuries have been formed based on a number of factors. Long ago brands identified a craftsman’s work and were part of his or her name giving recognition to the person who made the product.

Inspired Brands


Recently I‘ve had the opportunity to watch series of TedTalk videos the got me to thinking, are brand inspiring or are they inspired by others around them?

Branding legacy


While branding has a history tied to Madison Avenue, I recently realized that its roots go back much further.

Passion for brand excellence


Many times brands veer off path from the core on which they are founded. A variety of aspects come into play from wayward acquisitions to loss of focus on the pillars of what created the brand in the first place

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The market for high school students is increasingly becoming more competitive

The challenge presented by Orchard  Lake St. Mary's was to communicate their point of difference.  By distilling their message  into a simple idea created a brand that communicated their unique positio0n based on unique assets, heritage and beliefs. The idea the OLSM redefines the way education, athletics and community is presented positioned them as unique in the area.