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Personal Branding


Recently I was asked what the impact of personal branding is.


Many companies are an extension of personal brands that have been leveraged. As an example, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods personal brands have been leveraged by Nike to create a brand within a brand.

The evolution of brands


Brands over the past few centuries have been formed based on a number of factors. Long ago brands identified a craftsman’s work and were part of his or her name giving recognition to the person who made the product.

Inspired Brands


Recently I‘ve had the opportunity to watch series of TedTalk videos the got me to thinking, are brand inspiring or are they inspired by others around them?

Branding legacy


While branding has a history tied to Madison Avenue, I recently realized that its roots go back much further.

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Faygo has been a brand that has always fought for shelf space while continuing to create a presence in the soft drink category.  Faygo Beverages’ brand has always been considered a “value” brand within the soft drink category.  However, in order to gain on market leaders Coke and Pepsi, Faygo was going to need to establish its unique flavors as an alternative to the cola leaders.

The decision was made to target a youth audience that would identify with the flavored fun names. This was achieved by creating a strategy that brought the product to life and give them personalities.  The strategy was carried out through point of sale, packaging, truck graphics and FSI ads.